Experiments in physics

8.-12. Klasse

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Zeitraum:  12.10.19-25.07.19, Ferien ausgeschlossen, späterer Einstieg möglich
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What will we learn?

Why does milk rise when boiling? What does the speed of an hourglass depend on? A chain slides down from the edge of a table – what will be its form in the air and on the floor after the fall? Students choose their own topics among those that do not have a clear unique answer and study the phenomenon with appropriate methods. Results depend on nature and new scientific discoveries are possible!

How will we work?

Students work in groups of 3-4, although individual projects are also accepted. They work a lot on their own, designing experiments, collecting and analysing data, refining experiments and searching for explanations. Vladimir accompanies and supports, suggests methods, tools and literature on the topic. At the end of the course, they present the results to a commission of scientists.

What are the goals?

Students will learn how to conduct their own research on physical phenomena. They will familiarise themselves with methods of data treatment, qualitative and quantitative analysis including computer modelling. They will learn to read scientific literature and give scientific presentations. Decent projects will be proposed for the Jugend Forscht competition.

Any questions?

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Vladimir Shelest