6.-10. Klasse

Time:  Every second Sunday 11:00-12:30, other days are also possible
Duration:  7.10.23-30.09.24, Bavarian holidays and September excluded
Cost:  30€ per month (see Cost)
Prerequisites:  some active knowledge of English

What will we learn?

In this course we will visit  museums in Munich and beyond. We will try to find counterpoints and parallels in the art of various eras. We will look for ideas, personal styles and techniques of expression. For that we will need at least a vague understanding of what ideas might be relevant for specific periods of human history.

Those who like history will enlighten us with references and facts. Those who practise art might be quicker to grasp certain techniques or aspects of colour and composition. Those who like psychologie might catch the complexity and nuance of artistic narrative. The ones who like design will have a mountain of inspiration. We will look, think, listen and talk. The main thing is – we get to enjoy it.

I make sure that none of these aspects get neglected.

Last but not least, this course is in English. This will give participants the chance to enrich, practise and develop their language skills, and raise them to a new level of sophistication.

How will we work?

As mentioned above, we will visit various museums, mostly their main exhibitions but sometimes also temporary exhibitions. We haven’t covered galleries so far but that is not off the list. We meet every second Sunday and spend roughly one and a half hours at the museum. I sometimes ask students to look things up beforehand, do a bit of research or see an exhibition in advance. This helps to save some  time and  also makes  it more memorable. I always encourage suggestions of topics and choice of museums.

What are the goals?

Our goal is to make experiencing art a joy and a mental exercise, even if we don’t like it or don’t understand it. Students get to broaden their vision, expand their knowledge, diversify skills of expression, fill in some missing areas of history, explore ways that express the invisible and create new realities. On top of that, we hope to inspire creativity and expand the student’s capacity to communicate. Students will also develop eloquence in English.

Any questions?

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