6.-10. Klasse

Time:  Every second Sunday 11:00-12:30, other days are also possible
Duration:  3.10.22-30.09.23, Bavarian holidays and September excluded
Cost:  30€ per month (see Cost)
Prerequisites:  some active knowledge of English

What will we learn?

In our course we will engage in “intensive looking” at and analysing artworks from museums in Munich. Our meetings will partly take place in the museums, where we will concentrate on various forms of artistic expression, techniques, styles and composition, as well as imagine the logic of art objects in a specific historical period. We will examine the similarities and differences between various epochs and compare them to our present state of affairs. We will share our impressions in discussions and then come up with an individual summary based on the knowledge acquired, all while improving how to express ourselves in English.

How will we work?

In this course we will mainly concentrate on the works of art contained in the Alte Pinakothek, but we will also get a taste of archaic, ethnic and applied arts, as well as the modern art. We will meet every two weeks and visit a museum every second lesson. After each museum visit students will be asked to produce approximately one page of text based on their experience and impressions. In class we will analyze the texts, pinpoint the most critical elements of the art objects and learn how to find the best way to verbalise our ideas.

What are the goals?

Students will focus on mindfully observing works of art, learning to form personal opinions and to express them clearly. They will gain an appreciation of not only the most famous masterpieces but also of different periods of art, individual artistic styles and historical contexts. They will have a chance to speak out, and get more confident in voicing and phrasing their impressions and ideas. Students will learn to ask incisive questions, give precise answers, engage in productive discussions and develop eloquence in English.

Any questions?

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