Physics in Problems

Online - Grades 10-12

Time:  Sunday 19:00-20:30 (Berlin time)
Duration:  3.10.22-30.09.23, Bavarian holidays and September excluded
Cost:  60€ per month (siehe Cost)

What will we learn?

In this course, students will be defining both the content and the level of difficulty – ranging from school to Olympiad level.

Possible questions are:

  • Why does a cyclist lean inward while taking a turn?
  • What is the maximum length of a line drawn by a ball-point pen?
  • Two duelists decide to fight a pistol duel on a spinning merry-go-round. One of them stands on the outer edge while the other one is in the center. Who has a greater chance to survive?

How will we work?

Problems and questions are formulated by the students. First, they try to simplify their own initial questions and answer them in order to gradually proceed to more complex problems. The teacher will be guiding students by throwing out additional questions that will help them answer the initial ones. Where necessary, the relevant physics theory will be repeated or introduced.

What are the goals?

We want to teach students to wonder and see the curious in everyday phenomena, to put questions in the right way, and to lead discussions with their peers and with specialists. We want to put students in touch with physics research methods and provide them with tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Any questions?

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Vladimir Shelest