Introduction to Literary Analysis

Online - Grades 10-12 (in English)

Time:  Every Thursday, 18:30-20:00 CET
Duration:  5.10.23-30.09.24, Bavarian holidays and September excluded
Cost:  60€ per month (see Cost)
Prerequisites:  good active knowledge of English, love of reading

What will we learn?

In the first few sessions we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of narrative theory and then apply our analytical tools to short stories by such noted writers as Mark Twain, Jack London, J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut as well as other authors students may wish to read. Students will learn how to break narratives down into different analytical levels and use these different levels to achieve a deeper and more precise understanding of literary texts. The methodological basis of the course is the work of Gerard Genette, whose narratalogical theory is used widely in the Anglo-Saxon world.

What is instruction like?

Classes are highly interactive. After becoming acquainted through the basics of narrative analysis, pupils will apply these analytical tools in class discussion.

What are the larger goals?

Participating students will get an idea of what is expected in literature courses on the university level. The class will also help build soft skills such as speaking precisely, applying concepts on short notice, working together with others, and thinking creatively. These skills are in demand not just on the university level, but also in real-life work situations requiring creative, goal-oriented problem solving and interaction with others.

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