Understanding Thinking: How (ir)rational thoughts arise in humans and machines

9.–12. Klasse und Studenten (in englischer Sprache)

Zeiten:  evtl. jeden Mittwoch, 17:00-18:30 Uhr
Zeitraum:  02.10.19-29.07.20, Ferien ausgeschlossen
Kosten:  60€ pro Monat (siehe Kosten)

What will we learn?  

You will learn about how thinking works: how humans think, and how brains make thinking possible. From studying human thinking, also called cognition, we see that people often fall into ‘thinking-traps’, such as selectively remembering information that confirms already held beliefs. We’ll explore how to avoid these thinking-traps and master thinking-tools in order to become a better critical thinker. From studying the brain, we can understand the building blocks of intelligent behavior. We’ll learn about neurons, and how they work together in neural networks to generate cognition. We’ll also discuss cognition in artificial neural networks, to compare human and machine thinking.

How will we work?

We will cover both human cognition and critical thinking (Karsten) and cognition in biological and artificial networks (Chris). Each session will start with a lecture, followed by small group work and discussion. Some homework will be assigned to reinforce key concepts. ­

What are the goals?

Students will study logical fallacies, thinking-traps and psychological manipulation (Karsten); learn the basic parts of a neuron, understand the different types of human memory and reasoning systems, and investigate where artificial networks make human-like mistakes (Chris). More broadly, students will be able to construct models of thinking, learn the neuroscience behind reasoning and memory, and become better, more independent thinkers. ­­­­­­

Course syllabus

Understanding Thinking syllabus for students (pdf for download)

Introductory presentation

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